The molding tool usually the expiration of various different circumstance happens during the period of producing application, a great deal of wasted manpower, material resources, influenced production progress.The reason and prevention measure of a few basic expiration forms and expiration that mainly relate a molding tool as follows.

First, Molding tool is expired

Cold hot molding tool in the middle of undergoing military service the expired basic form can is divided into:The Su transforms;Wear away;Tired;Split.

(First) Satisfy a work condition request

1.bear to whet sex

The Pi anticipates at molding tool type the Su in chamber changes sex, follow a type chamber surface since the fluxion glides again, made chamber surface and Pi anticipate produce violent friction and cause molding tool's losing efficacy because of wearing away thus.So the material bears to whet sex is one of the most basic and the most important functions in molding tool.

Basic principle

Common of flow a system(Runner System) also calls to sprinkles a system or sprinkle to note system, is a meltdown plastics from project machine and shoot a mouth(Nozzle) to mold cave necessarily through the letter way.Flow a system includes an essential way(Primary Runner), reposition of redundant personnel way(Sub-Runner) and sprinkles.Descended diagram to show flowing of typical model a system constitutes.

Essential way:Also call a lord to sprinkle a way and note way(Sprue) or Shu to sprinkle a way, mean to start counting from the part projecting machine to shoot a mouth and molding tool essential way Chen set contact, go to a reposition of redundant personnel way of flow a way.This part is the part that the meltdown plastics first flows through after getting into a molding tool.

The molding tool heat processing is the important craft process that promises molding tool function.It has the direct influence on the following function of molding tool.

The manufacturing accuracy of the molding tool:The organization changes asymmetry, ill success and heat processing formation of cripple remaining in response to dint lead greatly result in the molding tool is after the heat handles of process, assemble and molding tool use process in of transform, lower the accuracy of molding tool thus, even discard.

The strength of the molding tool:The hot processing craft draws up a not appropriate and hot processing operation norm not or hot processing the equipments appearance isn't intact and result in is handled molding tool strength(degree of hardness) could not reach a design to request.

The molding tool is the important craft that produces various industrial product material, along with plastics industry of quick develop and plastic product the expansion in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machine, ships and the car etc. industrial section apply, the request of product to molding tool is more and more high, and the traditional molding tool design method has already canned not adapt to the request that the product renewal changes generation and exaltation quality.The computer-aided engineering(CAE) technique has become plastic product development, molding tool design and product to process to win these weak links of go by way of most effectively.The together traditional molding tool design compares, the CAE technique is raising rate of production and promises product quality, still in the aspects of declining low cost, easing labor strength waiting, all have superiority very.

The American listed company Moldflow company is profession to is engaged in to note Su to model CAE software and consultation company, have been predominating a plastics to model CAE the software market is since 1976 published the first fluxion to analyze software in the world.The last few years got an extensive application at realms such as car, appliance, electronics communication, chemical engineering and daily necessity etc..

The technique of making use of CAE can before the molding tool process, on the computer to whole note Su to model process to carry on a type of ratio analysis, the accurate estimate Rong fill, protecting of body presses, cooling circumstance, and product in of distribute in response to the dint, member and fiber mindset distribute, the constringency of product and raise a song to transform an etc. circumstance, for the purpose of design can as early as possible discover a problem, in time modification system piece and molding tool design, not wait until to try a mold to return again to fix a molding tool by Hou.This not only is to a breakthrough of traditional molding tool design method, and even keep molding tool from returning to fix to discard, raise product quality and decline low cost etc. to the decrease, all have a great technique economic meaning.



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