Reveal the tax revenue advantage of offshore company

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Under the influence of financial crisis now, how to accomplish rational evading payment of duty and is beneficial to enterprise, can reduce the expenses of enterprises, although there are many views in evading payment of duty in the world now, if the Palestinian horse of U.S.A. shows, this kind of motive of setting up overseas offshore company of enterprises of standing in the breach in Hong Kong the paradise that if want to attack and evade payment of duty, have already been paid close attention to more and more by the governments of various countries. But it is still an effectual method that the rational one comes to evade payment of duty now, carry on the operation of offshore company and can enjoy a lot of favourable policies abroad, though should all levy taxs to its external income overseas, compared with the domestic one, much lighter, the operator of the foreign car has much tax allowance, these words at the same time, one foreign corporation establish relevant company in this area, can through transfer fixed price or other method forward Company this to in conformity with the tax part, thus achieve the goal of evading payment of duty rationally.

How to accomplish rational evading payment of duty, quite a lot take place through this kind of situation, set up a subsidiary of trade abroad, utilize turnover of the subsidiary, the activity of a kind of fictitious management arises to. If set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, then sell the products to the subsidiary at lower price, and the buyer that the subsidiary gave to another company or another country at the normal price, but the goods arrive at buyer's place directly from the parent company, pass the turnover of a subsidiary like this, have transferred belonging to the China income within the border to this tax haven of Hong Kong, thus achieved the goal that one evade payment of duty rationally. Its prerequisite is to need to register Hong Kong one company to do it in this way, change trains as one, at the same time can settle the exchange with this company,in this way can with,seem to be by evading payment of duty some one that get. At other country it is too the the same, it if enter product goods is the getting more opposite to can operate with.

At the same time because the financial institution opened in the tax haven seldom receives the local government control, set up financial institution in the tax haven, pass these financial institutions or trust investment ways, can flow into the tax haven in conformity with the tax income helping the high tax. Can make trustee act through agreement or contract according to the decree of our companying in this way. In that case, income and property of the company are separated, the income will pay taxes with this name of organization, this one well evades payment of duty in the way. Set up the company abroad now, this purpose besides evading payment of duty, have other reasons, such as wind, gather together, control, take away money [turn into summary automatically ] originally, hold back profit,etc. while being over, the distributary which make sure rational is a method too, make sure that there is a considerable development to enable one's own company on the premise of it is legal to be observedding.

Register offshore company basic advantage

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Generally speaking, the advantage that can bring the following respects to incorporated company, enterprise at least that register a offshore company:

1,Nowadays the international economy integrates day by day, the more the transnational development trend appears more and more in the commerce, enterprises often strengthen enterprise's capability through the way that trans-nation too, expand enterprises and deal in the area. Register one overseas offshore company and become enterprises and go to the world, launches the shortcut of the transnational business.

2,An enterprise exports the products to U.S.A., needs to apply for the quota and a series of relevant procedures, need to cost cost of one to two times more in the middle of this. And if this enterprise has one overseas offshore company, enterprises export the products to offshore company, and then export to developed countries such as U.S.A.,etc. from offshore company, can wind the tax barrier of the switch and obtain duty-free treatment, and can succeed in winding a quota of opening to limit.



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