Basic principle

Common of flow a system(Runner System) also calls to sprinkles a system or sprinkle to note system, is a meltdown plastics from project machine and shoot a mouth(Nozzle) to mold cave necessarily through the letter way.Flow a system includes an essential way(Primary Runner), reposition of redundant personnel way(Sub-Runner) and sprinkles.Descended diagram to show flowing of typical model a system constitutes.

Essential way:Also call a lord to sprinkle a way and note way(Sprue) or Shu to sprinkle a way, mean to start counting from the part projecting machine to shoot a mouth and molding tool essential way Chen set contact, go to a reposition of redundant personnel way of flow a way.This part is the part that the meltdown plastics first flows through after getting into a molding tool.

Reposition of redundant personnel way:Also call a cent to sprinkle way or time to sprinkle a way, can classified into again with the molding tool design the penny flows way(First Runner) and the second.The reposition of redundant personnel way is an essential way and sprinkles transition between a peoples district, can make the flying to of meltdown plastics acquired even slowly conversion;Has the function that the even allotment plastics arrives each mold cave to the many mold caves molding tool in the meantime.

Sprinkle:Also be called into anticipate.BE the narrow and small of the reposition of redundant personnel way and mold cave is also a thin the shortest and small meat part.The function lies in exploitation to tighten to flow noodles but makes the plastics attained accelerative effect, Gao Jian slices a rate to make plastics mobility and good;(because the slicing of plastics changes to sparse characteristic)Glue heating of Zhi heating effect to also have the function to promote to anticipate to lower to glue a degree.Sprinkle after modeling and completing first solid turn a , have already prevent°fromed plastics of reflux and avoid mold cave the pressure once descended to make to model an article creation the constringency hollow function quickly.The convenience then cuts off to flow a system and Su piece by separation after modeling.

Cold anticipate well:Also call cold anticipate cave.The purpose lies in a storage to repair to gather the fill beginning starts the stage cooler plastics before the wave and prevent°from cold the cave anticipating to directly get into a mold influence fill quality or block to sprinkle, cold anticipate well usually constitution at essential way bitter end, be reposition of redundant personnel way when the length is longer should also set up in the bitter end cold anticipate well.

Design a basic principle

The consideration of mold cave decoration(Cavity Layout) as far as possible adopts an equilibrium type decoration(Balances Layout).Mold cave decoration with sprinkle to set up to try hard for symmetry, in order to prevent the molding tool be subjected to dint to not and all produce to be partial to carry but take place to support a mold to overflow the problem for anticipating.Such as figure 2 designs with symmetry is better, cave decoration possibly tightly packed with narrow molding tool size.Considers for the molding tool size such as figure 3(b) designs but the speech surpass figure 3(b) designs.The consideration that the fluxion leads to lead can guide meltdown plastics to fill with mold cave successfully, don't produce Wo to flow, and ability the smooth row annoy.

As far as possible keeps the plastics Rong gum front side from pounding at a smaller type of diameter Xin and metal Qian piece, in order to prevent type the Xin moves(Core Shift) or transforms.

The calories is lost and the pressure decline of consideration

The calories exhausts and the pressure decline more small more good.

The process has to be short.

Flow a piece area to have to be enough big.

As far as possible avoid flowing a way curved fold and suddenly change to fly to.(change a direction by arc Cape)

The roughness has to be low while flowing a way to process.Much ordering can lower pressure to decline into sprinkling and need to shoot to press, but will have a seam problem.Flowing is equilibrium of consideration, One mold when many caves(Multi-Cavity) fill flow a way to have to be equilibrium, as far as possible make the plastics filled with each mold cave in the meantime to promise that each mold cave models the quality consistency of article.The reposition of redundant personnel says with detail the decoration method(Naturally-Balanced Layout) of the quantity adoption natural equilibrium type.

Can not natural balance adoption the artificial equilibrium method balance flow a way.

The consideration of waste

Let up to flow a physical volume(length or piece area size) to flow a waste creation and recall expenses by decrease under the premise that can fill smoothly don't influence in the meantime fluxion and pressure exhaust.

Cold anticipate of consideration

Design in flowing a system adequacy of cold the beginning anticipating well(Cold Slug Well) and overflowing to anticipate slot to gather by repairing a fill start the stage cooler plastics before the wave and prevent°from cold anticipate to directly get into mold cave to influence fill quality.The consideration that lines up spirit should lead to lead plastics to fill with mold cave smoothly, and can make the mold air inside the cave escaped smoothly to avoid the problem that the envelopment is burned.The consideration that takes shape article quality avoids taking place short shoot, hair side, envelopment, seam, flow a scar, spray to flow, remnants remaining in response to the dint, raise a song to transform, the mold Ren be partial to move etc. problem.

Flowing a system process is longer or much orders into sprinkle(Multiple Gating), should take into to prevent°fro because of flowing unbalance and protecting to press the finished product that shortage or asymmetry constringency causes to raise a song to transform a problem.

The product external appearance contains good property and cleans and fixs the whole external appearance and application that sprinkle a people's convenience, sprinkle a people's scar(Gate Mark) to have no Sun at the Su piece.The consideration that produces an efficiency to the utmost can reduce need of process behind, make to take shape a period to shorten, raise a production efficiency.The consideration that the crest orders needs the crest position of considering the adequacy to take shape by avoiding a pint mold to transform.The consideration that uses plastics glues one degree higher or L|the t compare shorter plastics to avoid once using to grow or lead flowing of baby size way.


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Re: The molding tool flows the basic principle of a design

Atfagovc | 23/05/2014, 03:04

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Re: The molding tool flows the basic principle of a design

Aqfagovc | 11/06/2014, 20:32

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in by Hamilton, Guelph, Baltimore, Nj, Dallas,

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