(First) Satisfy a work condition request

1.bear to whet sex

The Pi anticipates at molding tool type the Su in chamber changes sex, follow a type chamber surface since the fluxion glides again, made chamber surface and Pi anticipate produce violent friction and cause molding tool's losing efficacy because of wearing away thus.So the material bears to whet sex is one of the most basic and the most important functions in molding tool.

The degree of hardness is influence to bear to whet sexual of main factor.Under the general circumstance, the degree of hardness of molding tool spare parts is more high and wear away quantity more small, bear to whet sex also more good.Bear to whet sex to return moreover and the category, amount, appearance and size of carburet in the material and distribute relevant.

2.strong tenacity

The work condition of molding tool is mostly very bad and have some to often bear bigger impact burden and cause brittleness' splitting thus.In bar of molding tool spare parts while working suddenly the frailty break, the molding tool has to have a high strength and tenacity.

The tenacity of molding tool is mainly decided by the containing of material amount of carbon and crystal grain degree and organization appearance.

3.tired split function

The molding tool works process in, at circulation in response to usually cause fatigue's splitting under the long-term function of dint.Its form has small energy to pound at fatigue to split, pull to stretch fatigue to split contact fatigue to split for many times and bent tired split.

Molding tool of tired split function to mainly be decided by its content of admixture in the strength, tenacity, degree of hardness, and material.

4.heat function

When the work temperature of molding tool is higher to enter, will make degree of hardness and strength descended and made the molding tool worn away or produced Su to transform but lost efficacy in early days.Therefore, the molding tool material should have the higher anti- returns to fire stability to promise molding tool at work temperature under, have high degree of hardness and strength.

5.Bear cold hot tired function

Some molding tools are in the process of working in be again and again placed in the appearance of heating and cooling, the made chamber surface is pulled, the pressure become in response to the function of dint and cause surface cracked and peeling off, enlarge friction, obstruct Su to transform, lowered size accuracy, cause molding tool expired thus.One of the main forms of expiration that the cold hot fatigue is hot to make a molding tool, helping this molding tool should have to higherly bear cold hot tired function.

6.bear eclipse

Some molding tools,such as plastics mold, after aring subjected to while working, because of existing chemical elements, such as chlorine and fluorine...etc. in the plastics the heat divide to analyze a HCI, and HF...etc. strong erosion air, erode molding tool type chamber surface, enlarge its roughness, turn worse to wear away expiration.

(Second) Satisfy craft function request

The manufacturing of molding tool all generally wants has been forge, sliced to pare to process, hot processing etc. is a few work prefaces.In order to promise the manufacturing quality of molding tool, lower production cost, its material should has goodly can Duan, slice to pare to process sex, Cui rigidity and Cui deeply sex and can whet to pare sex;Should also have to smallly oxidize, take off carbon sensitivity and Cui fire to transform to open crack tendency.

1.can Duan

Have lower hot Duan to transform resistance, Su good, forge temperature scope breadth, the Duan splits the net carburet of cold crack and Xi to incline to low.

2.back the fire craft

The ball turns to back the fire temperature scope breadth and back fire degree of hardness low and motion the scope is small, the ball turns a rate Gao.

3.slice to pare to process sex

Slicing to pare dosage is big, the knife exhausts low, process a roughness low.

4.oxidize, take off carbon sensitivity

The anti- oxidized a bosom to be good when heat heated and took off carbon speed slow, lie quality to the heating the sensitive produced hemp point to incline to not small.

5.Cui rigidity

The Cui fire has behind even but Gao of surface degree of hardness.

6.Cui deeply sex

Can acquire the deeper Cui hard layer after the Cui fire, the adoption mollifies of the Cui fire lie quality ability the Cui is hard.

7.the Cui fire transform to open crack tendency

The normal regulations Cui fire physical volume changes small, the shape raises a song, mutation slight, unusually transform to incline to low.The normal regulations Cui fire opens crack sensitivity low, to Cui fire temperature and work piece shape not sensitive.

8.can whet to pare sex

The emery wheel is opposite to exhaust small, have no burn extreme limit to whet to pare dosage greatly, to the emery wheel quality and the cooling condition not sensitive, not easily occurrence whet harm and whet to pare crack.

(Third) Satisfy economic sex request

At choose a material for molding tool BE, have to consider economy, this principle, lower a manufacturing cost possibly.Therefore, choosing price first is lower while satisfying the premise of using the function, can use a carbon steel for need not metal alloy steel, can use domestic material need not importing material.

Should also consider the production and supply circumstance of market while choosing a material moreover, the steel chosen's growing should be as far as possible little and concentrated and easily purchase.


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Re: The molding tool chooses a material principle.

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Re: The molding tool chooses a material principle.

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